Mixing w/ Anthony Saffery (Cornershop) and Adam Taylor (Portugal The Man)

And three days later, the album is mixed!!! We returned to  Q Divsion to work on the songs and hearing them for the first time with all the parts in place was pretty great. We were fortunate enough to have enlisted the skills of  two tremendous producers to help us mix the tunes. Anthony Saffery from the band Cornershop who has helped produce and engineer albums for Portugal The Man and The Lemonheads, as well as Adam Taylor who has worked with Paul Kolderie and Anthony for years as producer and engineer on many projects. We all just sat back and watched them turn this album into something we are very proud of. The songs sound incredible, and we couldn’t be more excited to finish these up. Onto mastering and finalizing some artwork and we will be good to go!!

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